Thursday, April 12, 2012

Historically Speaking...

David Griggs, Director/Curator Carpinteria Valley Historical Society and I

Donna Jordan, Carpinteria Beautiful and David Griggs on Wullbrandt Way

Quite some time back, Foster Markolf and I made an appointment with David Griggs, Director/Curator of the Carpinteria Valley Historical Society at the Museum, 956 Maple Ave., one block east of Wullbrandt Way. At that time, we were exploring ideas for the direction the mural might go. We considered images of old downtown Carpinteria that are in the Museum's archives. This changed once we landed on the theme "World's Safest Beach". Coincidently, around the time I was refining my final rendering that included the 1978 images of the Pannizons from Virgil Cooper's popular postcard, the Museum had their Annual Meeting  with a presentation by Carpinteria State Beach Supervising Ranger Scott Cramolini titled "Carpinteria State Beach...The Good Old Days".
I could kick myself for not making it to the meeting and seeing this important program.
My Grandparents were among the founders of the Historical Society and my Grandfather, Clyde Wullbrandt was instrumental in  securing the place where the Museum is built. Prior to it's groundbreaking, he farmed the very spot with many crops from corn to peanuts. He grew so much corn that my sisters and I would fill our little red wagon full of it and perch ourselves in front of Safeway (now Vons) and sell it for 50 cents a dozen, long before the "Farmer's Market" was dreamed of.
If you love Carpinteria and want to know more about it's rich and fascinating past, please visit the Museum and may I suggest you become a member while you are there!

Now that we are digging into the past... I have plenty of things to post that took place before the Dedication Ceremony April 6th, 2012.
I needed to get through the dedication ceremony before blogging again... Allow me some time to get those entries posted...

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