Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back Against the Wall

Another week has past and the "unveiling" ceremony is fast approaching. I can see just how popular the mural has become already. One morning, fired up on coffee, I was deep into painting when I sensed someone behind me. I spun around and with my back against the wall I caught this shot... one of my favorites... it is "So Carpinteria", a phrase I often hear when people comment on our mural.

Sally Galati, PR person for Carpinteria Beautiful, with reusable bags

Stefanie Herrington, Mary Wullbrandt with copy of Carpinteria Magazine and Donna Jordan with mock-up of plaque.
Plans are in the works for the dedication party on April 6th, at 4PM while we have been putting details into the mural here and there. Some areas have needed to be strengthened, other areas toned down and lots of picky little things all over. Plenty of visitors continue to stream by:

Some stopping to chat with me, others stopping to sniff at Zorro.

Early one morning I had stepped away for a bit when my JC called me on my cell phone yelling "get back here right away!!! You have to get a picture of this!!!". I ran back to find the "First Start" kids visiting from Main School a couple of blocks South of the mural, across the street from my childhood home and where both my Dad, Ernest and I started Kindergarten.  I could not find my camera!!! For the first time, I had left it at the ranch with the battery recharging. Fortunately a responsible adult with a phone camera caught this photo and emailed it to share with you. It is another of my favorites so far.

First Start Against the Wall

So may things happened that day that I missed getting shots of. Later that day a group of people arrived and introduced themselves as the Mazzetti Family. A very distinguished Mrs. Mazzetti gave me a warm greeting and informed me that she was one of the owners of the building our mural is being painted on. She was out celebrating her 95th birthday and honored me by listening to my stories and gave me her full attention. One of her sons, Alan Mazzetti, is an excellent artists and fine painter ( Another son was kind enough to take some photos and email them to me. What a wonderful family!

Happy 95th Birthday Mrs. Mazzetti

Old friends continue to appear. Some on a regular basis like my good friend Eric Nagelman.

Eric Nagelman

 Some I have not seen in Many, many years like Carpinteria Warrior and Surfer John Floyd.
John Floyd
Then there are Carpinterians like Anne and Dan who roll through almost daily and brought Susan and Tricia by one sunny morning:

Anne, Dan, Susanne and Tricia

Maybe in the background of some of these photos you can see I have added some Deep Green and Burnt Umber to the trees and grasses in the salt marsh along with some highlights of Lime Green, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre and Cadmium Orange. An "old friend" in a blue car (the only person who has asked to remain anonymous) stopped and handed me the most delicious bottle of orange juice through the window... can't believe it was pure juice... read the label carefully over and over. 

The legs on the Heron received another layer of Neutral Grey with plenty of Black. All of these were "reflected" in the "water" while the palette was still wet. The Nova Color acrylic dries so fast, it is good to do all I can in the color that is out as quickly as possible. This helps keep a "flow" and a little spontaneity to the brush work. Also adding plenty of Matte Medium when painting the reflections in the water along with making the strokes horizontal and slightly blended helps create the appearance of reflections on water.

A few more Beautiful People strolled by. Some Officially "Carpinteria Beautiful People" while others are naturally beautiful people.
Dennis and Melissa Johnson

Lete with a Bouquet

Carpinteria Beautiful Chairperson Diana Freeman

So Another week spent on Wullbrandt Way, up against the wall with gobs of paint and people. Just before loading up the truck and moving it to get my "progress" shot, I dabbed a bunch of colors still wet on the palette to populate the beach. My way of remembering all of the wonderful encounters I had this week, only a few of which made it into this post.

Off to the grocery store, stop and get gas and head back up Chismahoo before the rain. Have a pipe to fix that collects water for the cows up on the ridge and make it back to the ranch before dark.

3/24/12 from Chismahoo looking back toward Lake Casitas and Ojai Valley
Before I close, I want to mention the passing this week of a most colorful patron of mine, His Majesty King George of Tonga. As artist in residence in this South Pacific Island Nation, I enjoyed a personal friendship while creating the art that adorned his personal villa. I admired his great talent as a story teller and include his photo here with a parting "thank you" for his support of the arts.

Rest in Peace, Your Majesty

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  1. What a wonderful community you live in! I love it how the creation and progress of this mural has become such a "social" spot. It is inspiring to communities everywhere.