Saturday, February 25, 2012

 Thursday and Friday.
Good morning loyal followers. Allow me to remind you that you can scroll down to older post and view time lapse shots that I continue to update when significant or visual progress is made on Wullbrandt Way. Thursday was spent drawing full scale. Again, many people came by for a look and a chat. Lots of people confess to be fellow artists in various degrees. Among the memorable ones was Diane who arrived on bicycle (as many do) and painted a watercolor of me painting the mural. Performance art!
Farmer's market brought more friends (Meredith, Emily and on and on) by for a look.  Thursday night I had dinner on the other side of the wall (Senor Frogs) and crashed at my Mom's a block away from the mural.
Friday morning was breakfast at Mom's and an early start on Wullbrandt Way. The first image to be painted was the lifeguard tower and I blocked in the MM surfboard. A parade of my loyal supporters offered coffee and treats (thanks Donna and Foster). As I begin painting the animals, it will feel increasingly like being on exhibit at the zoo. I miss not having my dog Zorro at my side and get my dog fix from "Wuffie", "Noel", "Boulder" and dozens of other new canine friends, most of whom love to lick.
I try to keep the Handicap parking space open and stop any flying paint when it is occupied. If the cones are there and the space is needed, I hope to notice and accommodate (just honk!).
 The new tenant on Wullbrandt Way kidnapped my Mom and I for lunch at PB&Jays. I had "The Carpinterian". Yummm..... Back to Wullbrandt Way... Great to see Mary Louise, Mrs. Walsh, Biff, Barbie, Alice, Silvia, Carl, Fong, Kenny, Betty, Elizabeth, Stefanie and on and on...I wont be accounting for all of the friends and visitors in future posts as there are too many and hate leaving people out which has already happened.
Before packing up, Barbara, my oldest friend and classmate ALL through school from kindergarten on, brought another old friend, Kathleen, to see the progress.  Kathleen is responsible for starting the seal watch at the seal sanctuary to which a major portion of WSB is dedicated. She approved of the story book rendering of her cause. Whew! Made it back up the mountain last night to the delight of our dogs and JC prepared a most delicious vegetable stir fry before I conked out. This morning I hope to get some more drawing done and if JC goes with me, I will have him block in some blue sky. This will be a welcome change to WSB considering the fog that is hanging around.
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Diane painting a postcard



Mom and I
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  1. Hi John,
    Loving your blog - almost as much fun as coming by and harassing you every day.
    This is a test to see if I signed up correctly to be allowed to comment. If I am, watch out! -Your loyal fan, -DJ