Monday, February 20, 2012

Good intentions

Had every intention of heading down to paint yesterday but needed to drop off ATV for service and pick up our "back up" generator for the solar power  etc.. Living "off grid" has it's special tasks. Around sunset got some earth turned in the vegetable garden and fertilized.
Got up at 5 AM today, made coffee and projected the "World's Safest Beach" lettering onto butcher paper while it was still dark in the studio. Has taken some fiddling to get the line to fit into the 12' 4" space just right.  Not a sign painter here!
After feeding the 3 cats and 3 dogs, I took the dogs for their walk down Sulpher Creek and into the forest. Then poked around the vegetable garden before feeding the donkeys, horse, mule and cows all the time thinking about the mural and what would be realistic to get done on it today.
 The "drizzle" that was promised for last night did not materialize so I'm about to go out and repack the truck with my art supplies, grab a bowl of cereal and head down the mountain to Wullbrandt Way determined "World's Safest Beach" lettering gets painted today.  "Jean-Claude... you up and ready?"

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