Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good evening

Good evening,
Will make this short.
Sketched out about 1/6th of the mural today but when I went to take the photo at the end of the day, a shiny gold Cadillac swooped into the parking space the moment I removed the orange cones. For those followers who have noticed the mural faces a "handicap" parking space you will know why I did not ask the driver to move for my shot. I circled back before leaving town only to discover the gold Cadillac had no "handicap" permit. (where is the code enforcer.... ummmm what's her name?) LOL
Photo promised the Wullbrandt Way, tomorrow!

Scroll through "older posts" or down to "World's Safest Beach" for photo series of progress from the beginning.

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  1. John
    Watching your progress everyday....just lovely...can't wait to see the finished product. Glad I work in Carpinteria just to see it. Will visit your studio when I can fit it in. Cheers and Happy painting...Debi Gust-Boerema