Monday, February 20, 2012

Whew! What a day!

Whew! What a day!
JC made breakfast (thanks for the fresh eggs Mac Brown).
Loaded art materials etc. in truck, hooked up the hay trailer (almost out of hay) and headed down Chismahoo and into town to get painting.
    Sooooooo many people stopped to talk again today. This being a holiday (President's Day) there were tons of folks in town. I think every one of them came by the mural for a chat!  As soon as JC and I got the lettering up people really started taking pictures. This pleased me not for my ego but as an indication that my design was working as planned: a "photo op".. This group of teenage girls with their Mom were treating their Grandmother to lunch for her birthday. I found myself at the center of their celebration interacting with the mural! Cameras clicking, what fun!
    Also seeming to work, at least when folks showed their children the rendering, is the friendly nature of the seals and birds. I want them to have a "story book" quality to them so kids will enjoy them.
Then of course Foster and Donna came by to show support as did my Mom and Barbara Young. Love you guys!
    One visitor was a graphic artist who seemed fascinated with the hand rendering aspect. We had an interesting conversation about the effects of the digital age on large format "art" most common in our environment like advertising and billboards etc.. How drawing large scale is now perceived as "unusual".
    So we got the "WSB" lettering on, grabbed a burrito at Oaxaca Fresh (Senor Frog is closed on Mondays) and back up Rincon Canyon to hook on to the hay trailer (now fully loaded, thanks Steve Todd). We slowly tugged 25 bales up Chismahoo as the sun was setting in that beautiful western vista we get to enjoy. Through the gates and up to the barn with the hay trailer. No bucking hay tonight, thank you.
Horses, cows, dogs and cats all glad to have us home and to be fed.
   I'm happy to sit down with a Corona and write this post to you dear followers.

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