Tuesday, February 28, 2012

For Purple Mountain Majesties...

Hail! Hail Freedonia! Groucho Marx in "Duck Soup"?

Shortly after posting yesterday, Casita Botello was pelted, no clobbered with hailstones.

And then some more hail. We made the right call, not going to paint a mural.

And then it was all over and Rincon Canyon sparkled in the late afternoon sun.

This morning I loaded our paints and ladders and drops back in the truck while JC fed the animals. Down the mountain, to the Post Office, Mom's, Bank, Post Office again before grabbing my favorite parking spot on Wullbrandt Way and snapped this shot:

And before I got started painting I snapped the next shot of Mina, Vera and Ray Goena following a fun chat about the "old days" and shared stories, some of which I can't share here, sorry. Mina remembered my Grandma Claudie (born here and never to be forgotten in this town) and her fantastic doll collection she started in my Grandpas shop on Linden across the street from "The Palms" and down the block from our mural.

When I finally climbed the ladder with some paint and a brush, Members of the "LLLLA" showed up.
(Little Leading Ladies Luncheon Association). Hi Mom! (center) Look what I can do!

And Yes, of course, I would love to have my picture taken painting the Purple Mountain Majesties.
This is a good time to tell you what my Mom always said to me as a kid when I had some crazy big idea, "Show me, don't tell me!" 
And so as the saying goes, "Be careful what you ask for Mom" 

My "Chalk Gallery" buds Liz and Duane (and "Superfans" from the start) invited my up the block for a cup of coffee. If you have not been to their gallery, you must go. Thank you fellow artists. This gave me a chance to stand back and see if my mountain colors matched the mountains behind town. Nailed it. Dioxazine Purple, Neutral Grey, White, Yellow Ochre and Raw Umber. Lightened it as it stretches back toward Santa Barbara and warmed it up as it came toward Carpinteria. Want to capture the feel of the mountains and their relationship to the crescent of sand we call WSB. Will leave the nooks and crannies to Google Earth although very tempted to paint in Oprah's house in Montecito, The Big Yellow House in Summerland (future post), and Joe's Cafe on State (the original one with the Perrys). LOL

JC arrived on Wullbrandt Way after walking Zorro over to Palm Ave. and back. Brought me a great tuna sandwich and asked if he could jump into the ocean with some blue paint. Smiles. 
"Go for it!
 Working with Cerulean Blue and Titanium White, he left the narrow strips of gesso that will be painted white for breaking waves and I came back in with some of the "mountain colors" to blend into the blue water for a subtle reflection. Also mixed some of the mountain color into the chromium oxide green with some Yellow Ochre and Cerulean Blue for the trees in the foreground to the right. Continually joining the colors together helps the painting to appear harmonious overall.

The day was filled once more with the faces of new and old friends. Following is a photo of a creation brought to the mural site today by a member of the LLLLA... see above...LOL. I think she is considering entering Gallery 855's "Faces" show and I'm all for it. See www.artscarp.org

Some folks came with cameras, some with compliments, all with smiles. A shout out to Gloria, Leland, and The Mural Committee Chairman Mr. Foster Markolf, of course. Matt Moore did a "drive by" and the Von's Babes did walk by's. Saw you scoot past, Martha Hickey.
Here are a couple shots emailed in from Andy:

Two unknown art critics. photo: AN

photo: AN
We knocked out several square feet of surf and sand and wandered into the Salt Marsh before the light began to fade. Then, out of the blue appeared "The Bag Lady" with her "Bag Partner" celebrating the passing of their "Bag Law". What a Day on Wullbrandt Way.
Good night Carpinteria.
Artfully, JW

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