Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blue skies, nothing but blue skies...

We took Zorro to the World's Safest Beach today!
After a morning of Saturday ranch chores and a leftover stir fry omelet, we made it to Wullbrandt Way just before Noon missing a delivery of Almond cake from Eric Nagelman. Before we were unloaded our fans were arriving, "Wuffie" was first. Woof! Woof!
Mixed Cerulean Blue and Titanium White for an overall base coat in the "post card" sky.  JC ran up the ladder and jumped into the sky with about 2 square feet of paint... The light blue was too deep... I added more white and he jumped back into the sky, left handed. Later a glaze of white will add atmosphere on the horizon. I have always called it Walt Disney Blue because it feels to me like it animates things. This same color is a good base for the reflected light (mirroring the sky)  in the salt marsh and along the water's edge blending into the wet sand at our feet. There will be a relationship between the neutral grey color of the wet stretch of sand where the shore birds scurry and the sidewalk along Wullbrandt Way.
Sitting there on the sidewalk, I was caught by surprise by Lowell Schyler who was one of my first best friends and lived a block down Walnut and was in my class from the beginning of school at Main School  across the street from my house and where my Dad Ernie Wullbrandt went to school also.
  Lots of "Beautiful" people came by and I will make no attempt  to list them all but I want to thank every one of them for their kind words of encouragement. Sitting on the sidewalk in the shade for a few hours painting wet sand in February has been....sobering. I began remembering this very spot from when I was a little kid. I would go with my Grandpa Clyde in the early evening from our house on Walnut Ave., out the back gate and through the Methodist (now Baptist) Church yard, down Sage to Cactus and through Dick Dailey Chevrolete car lot (now Wullbrandt Way), across Linden and over to Rexall Drugs where he would buy a bag of horhounds (a small sugar coated hard candy I grew to like). So the side walk I sat on today was very familiar territory. My personal safest beach from when I was a little kid growing up only a block away.
Yesterday I painted in the blue and green parts on the umbrella. Today, as the afternoon grew cooler, JC added the yellow, then the orange. It already reminds me of the whirling color wheel that appears on my apple computer screen just before it freezes.
Standing in the sun up against Robitailles Candy we warmed our hands and chatted with my cousin Jill (Wullbrandt) and her hubby Kent. Elizabeth from Chalk Gallery arrived in time to witness this blond woman in a sporty blue car whip off Linden (safely and legally) onto Wullbrandt Way to gift us with a mocha latte, then disappeared  on Cactus finishing our day with a flourish! (She sure looked familiar. I think I've seen her in the Coastal View more than once.)
Evidently a few more of you have been nudged onto this blogspot. Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy the ride.

Living the Vida Local, the Wullbrandt Way. My Dad would have loved this! Thanks you guys.

Will close with a pic of my Dad and I tonight. Cool eh? I'm the one with the moustache btw.. LOL!


  1. Love the updates! Makes one very aware of what the process is to create your wonderful art. I only wish Ernie was here to see this - he would have loved every minute and been so proud!

    1. Thanks Jayne, he would have been filming it rather than me blogging about it. Would love to have some of his movie film digitalized in time for Carp's 50th in 2015.