Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Yesterday I sketched in one of the egrets, some salt marsh, the mountains, water's edge on main beach, horizon line and a harbor seal. Working with a carpenter's pencil on a long bamboo stick this went quickly. Most of my time was spent chatting with audience. I love monologues but a fun show with audience participation can't be beat! Reminds me of performing Magic.
Today I am working in the studio up here on Chismahoo blowing the individual images up on butcher paper for transfer. This process will allow me to capture some of the "story book" feeling of the rendering. Here is the original sketch that I am working from. Notice I eliminated one Pelican and replaced the Comoran with Dolphins in the final. Back to Senor Frogs tomorrow.
Thanks to you new followers! The feedback is a kick.
Artfully Yours, JW

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  1. Shouldn't there be a dorsal fin way out in the water...that would be ironic, at the World's Safest Beach and all...